Year of the Bred

  • Friday, Mar 22, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 84 Views


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As reported by and,  Nike’s Jordan brand will be retroing two very coveted models this year the Jordan 4 Bred on May 4th and the Jordan 11 Bred on Dec. 14th. The (Black + Red = Bred) colorway is usually a highly sought after model because of its roots to the “Banned” Jordan 1 and the Chicago Bulls, which is totally a wild story, that has been written about before and you can find here.  

This is the 30th anniversary of the Jordan 4 and to celebrate it, Nike is bringing back the original Nike Air logo on the heel as opposed to the Jumpman logo, which is always a nice touch. The last time the Bred Jordan 11 was released was in 2012, an eternity in sneaker culture. Nostalgia seekers (like myself), and hypebeasts alike will jump all over this timeless Jordan silhouette.

No matter how many low versions or bad colorways they release, the Jordan 11 will always be special to me. It was the shoe that got me into shoes. I grew up in a low income house and never had brand name shoes. My mom made me get my sneakers at Bradless’ or Caldor’s and when I was young I didn’t know the difference. Shoes were just something you put on your feet. I saw the big brands but it never mattered to me. It wasn’t til the Concord Jordan 11 appeared and that glistening patent leather caught my eye, that I was like “Damn, that’s nice. I want those.” It might’ve been because all the “cool” kids had them or maybe I was a twelve year old kid that could actually appreciate art and design, but I wanted them so badly. My parents couldn’t afford to buy me them, I was too young to work, I was left to fantasize about them flipping through Eastbay magazine. Alas even as other colors such as the Bred came out it was just never attainable.

Fast forward to me as an adult, my interest changed to other things, I got some life experience and realized my parents weren’t trying to ruin my life after all and four years ago when I got the 72-10 Jordan 11, by chance, and I’m back in it now, with a job and a void to fill.

So like the recent Space Jam and Concord release, I don’t expect the Bred 11s to be hard to get if you put in a little effort. While they might not have the resale value that they did back in 95-96, I don’t think there is any way you can pass on these, but that might be 12 year old me talking.









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